How to use JWH-018

How to use JWH-018

Administration, effects and side effects

Like cannabis, JWH-018 is smoked but can also be taken orally. Pure JWH-018 is a light coloured or yellowish powdery substance that may take on a darker brownish tinge over time. The effects of JWH-018 are similar to those of cannabis. Desirable effects include a feeling of well-being, relaxation, heightened sensory experiences and a “high”.How to use JWH-018

When smoked, the onset of effect is extremely rapid – usually a matter of minutes. Taken orally, the effects are delayed by up to 1–2 hours or even longer. Taken orally but dissolved into liquid the effects are faster, commencing after roughly one hour.

A common dose, when smoked, is usually a few milligrams, often 1 to 5 milligrams of pure JWH-018. Oral doses are slightly higher, ranging from 3 to 20 milligrams. The oral effects last for considerably longer than when smoked. Users have reported periods of 2 to 4 hours. Tests on animals have indicated a half-life of some two hours.*

Side Effects of Jwh-018

Side effects can develop rapidly after smoking and are similar to those of cannabis. The Side effects include anxiety, panic attacks, hypertension and palpitations. It may be difficult to think clearly and users may be left feeling indifferent. JWH-018 can also cause paranoia, memory loss and hallucinations, bloodshot eyes and dryness in the mouth. Users have also described other effects, including increased appetite. Some mild side effects may occur the day after consumption.

Jwh-018 Addiction

JWH-018 is known to cause both mental and physical addiction and withdrawal symptoms. However, little data is currently available on its toxicity. It appears that tolerance can build quickly, leading to increased doses. The withdrawal symptoms resulting from persistent use may last for days or even a week. They are similar to cannabis addiction and usually appear within 24 hours after the last cessation. Symptoms include sweating, anxiety, nightmares, disturbances in sleep, nausea, tremors, diarrhoea and headaches. Further possible symptoms include muscle twitching, a sensation of pins and needles and loss of sensation in limbs. Persistent use can be particularly harmful if the user has an underlying mental health condition. As cannabis can induce temporary psychotic episodes and increase the risk of permanent conditions such as schizophrenia,** similar effects are possible with JWH-108. Many users have reported severe and undesired effects on their mood. JWH-018 for recreational purposes

Risks of consuming jwh-018 cannabinoid

Little research has been carried out into the effects of recreational synthetic cannabinoid derivative use on animals and humans. Studies investigating JWH-018, for example, have tended to be small-scale. The personal experiences of individual users found on online forums can be useful as indicators of wider trends but cannot be considered a reliable source of information. There is not sufficient evidence available on the long-term effects of these derivatives. JHW-018 is known to convert to a number of different metabolites in the body and their effects on humans are not known. JWH-018 is also thought to suppress certain enzymes, which may have an impact on the efficacy of certain medicines.* JWH-018 is a fat-soluble compound, which may be stored in adipose tissue following persistent use. However, tests on animals have not shown any evidence of this.*

THC Content on jwh-018 cannabinoid

It should be noted that cannabis contains more than 90 different cannabinoids. Some of these block THC and may offer protection from some of the side effects of cannabis. Pure JWH-018 lacks this “protection”. JWH-018 can fully activate CB1 and CB2 receptors, which leads to a more powerful effect. Jwh-018 Addiction

How JWH-018 is stronger and more dangerous than cannabis and carries a significant risk of overdose. 

Users’ own experiences support this claim. Experienced cannabis users may misjudge their dose of JWH-018 or Spice, causing them to overdose. The manufacturers may not provide complete details of what is contained in the products and JWH-018 may still be found around the world. There is also significant variation in the concentrations found in Spice products. Synthetic cannabinoids represent an especially high risk to young users in particular, as their bodies are not yet fully developed. Concomitant use with alcohol and other illicit drugs should be avoided. A number of Finnish young people were admitted to hospital in spring 2011 following JWH-018 use. No deaths directly attributed to JWH-018 alone have been reported. Animal studies suggest that extremely high doses may lead to respiratory depression, which can prove fatal.*

JWH-018 for recreational purposes

If JWH-018 is used for recreational purposes, doses should be kept small to reduce the risk of overdose. In addition, users should leave sufficient time to allow the effects to occur before taking another dose. Many users have reported taking subsequent doses too quickly, resulting in an overdose. The symptoms should pass with time. However, if they are unusually strong or persistent, emergency medical treatment should be sought.Jwh-018 Addiction

Veli-Matti Surakka

** The role of cannabis as a cause of schizophrenia (cf. increasing the risk of schizophrenia) is a highly contentious issue. This article does not address the matter in any detail.

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